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Frequently Asked Questions


Will our sessions be covered by insurance?

Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover the cost of the services of a counsellor in private practice.  However, some private health insurances companies offer coverage. I would encourage you to contact your insurance provider to find out what mental health coverage they provide.

Unfortunately I am not able to do direct-billing, but I will provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.


1. What coverage do I have for counselling/therapy? E.g. Do I have coverage for a Registered Psychotherapist? Do I have coverage for a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC)? Do I have coverage for an AAMFT Pre-Clinical Fellow under the supervision of an AAMFT approved supervisor?

2. Do I need a referral from a physician to qualify for coverage?

3. What percentage of the fee does the plan cover? Is there a maximum per year? Per person?

4. How do I get reimbursed? 

Are you a Psychologist, or covered under psychology?

No, I am not a Psychologist, and my services are not covered under "psychology" through insurance providers. I do not offer diagnoses or psychological assessments.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist and a Certified Canadian Counsellor and am covered under some insurance benefits as such.

Do you offer online counselling?

Yes! I do offer online counselling -- Please contact me for more information.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I am able to offer some sliding scale spots. Please contact me for more information.

How will I know you're the right therapist for me?

This is a great question!

Research indicates that a positive client/counsellor relationship is an important predictor of successful therapy. In other words, if you and I both feel like we're a good fit, we're more likely to do good work together and meet your therapeutic goals.

Every counsellor brings a different combination of therapeutic models, professional style, and personality to their work. By virtue of being human, we're all different. Therefore, it makes sense that not every counsellor is going to be a good fit for every client. Some will feel better to you than others, and that's okay!

No matter who you see, or for how long you've been seeking their services, you always have the right to end your relationship with your mental health professional, at any time, and they must provide you with a suitable referral.

There are also times when a counsellor recognizes that they are not the best fit for the client, and that is okay too (they would also provide a referral). In fact, you want your counsellor to tell you this, because ultimately, it means that they want to make sure you that you are getting the best possible care.

What therapeutic models do you use?

I was clinically trained in Dialogic, Narrative, Solution Focused and Emotionally Focused therapies.  I also have experience working with clients in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). While I tend to utilize components of each model throughout sessions, the foundation of my work is in Narrative and Emotionally Focused Therapies.

What can I expect for my first session?

Prior to your first session, I will work with you to complete an intake during which time I will gather information about what you are looking for, and what your expectations are of me. At the same time, you can ask questions regarding our work together. 

Our first session will be spent getting to know one another. I work from a systemic framework which means that getting to know you includes getting to know the world around you specifically (the people in your life, your community, your day to day activities, things that are important to you, and so much more).  We will also talk about your hopes for therapy, and begin to establish goals and a plan for how I can help you work toward your goals.

How do payments work?

Payments are made at the time of each session, by cash, credit, or e-transfer.
Please note that I am unable to accept debit at this time.

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?


I require 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to the full session fee.

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