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Holding Hands

Relational (Couple/Family) Therapy

Relationships can be both challenging, and replenishing. If you're struggling with family, or feeling distant from your partner, perhaps it's time to have a little extra support to figure things out. I work diligently to ensure that all clients in the room feel heard and understood. I implement multiple methods, based on each client's needs, to help couples/partners, families, or friends work through some of the most difficult challenges life can present.

Sitting on the Table

Individual Therapy

I provide client-centered and strengths-based support to individuals at any life stage. I recognize that even though you may be seeking counselling on your own, you do not live in isolation. You exist within multiple "systems", which include intimate relationships, family, work, school, church, home neighbourhood, social networks, political systems, etc.  I use a systemic perspective to help you identify your goals, forge a path towards them, and help you navigate challenges in a way that makes sense to you. I will also provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles.

Little and Large

Illness and Disability

Providing support to individuals, partners, and families who are navigating the world with, or are affected by: disability, chronic illness, and/or terminal illness.
As a physically disabled person myself, I know what it's like to be on the other side of the conversation. I interact with the world through a disabled lens that influences the way that I understand both the world, and my clients.  My disability often allows clients to come to counselling without feeling the need to explain how disability and/or illness adds complexity to their lives. Instead, we can get right down to doing the real work.

Same Sex Male Couple

Sex and Sexuality

Sex and sexuality related concerns can be really difficult to talk about when we live in a society that tells us the topic is taboo!
I believe that talking about it reduces the stigma, and can help people to get in touch with their hopes, desires, and build deeper connections in sexual relationships.
I help individuals, or partners, to work through sexual concerns, including low desire, physiological (body-based) challenges, sexual trauma, post-affair repairs, and more.
I also work with clients around concerns relating to gender identity and sexual orientation.



I strive to create an environment in which people can feel safer to talk about their gender. Whether you're transitioning, questioning, or just wanting to explore, I will follow your lead and go only where you feel comfortable. Some people want to come to therapy to explore their gender, and some want to explore other concerns. I will never assume your gender identity is the "problem" you're bringing to therapy, unless you tell me otherwise.

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